Z27AG JDM Colt Version R ECU Download

How to complete your Z27AG JDM Colt Version R ECU download using Ecuflash and Tactrix Openport 2.0

Mitsubishi Colt Version R model

Assuming you have got yourself a Tactrix Openport, the following steps detail how to do the Z27AG JDM Colt Version R ECU download.  The Japanese Colt Version R’s use a different ECU image to the Australian Ralliart Colts so the Aussie XML won’t work on the Version R’s.

I’ve made an XML stub file to help in the process, but it’s not essential.   If you’re looking for the complete XML for the JDM models I might be able to help (leave a comment below and I’ll email you).

Anyway back to downloading your ECU rom image.  Here goes:

Install EcuFlash from this link


I’ve had reports that the later versions of ECUFlash have some issues reading and writing, so until I’ve investigated these myself I recommend running this older version.

Put the XML in

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi folder

Make directory called ‘Ralliart Colt Turbo’

Download these two xml files and put it in this new folder


Connect to your ECU

Connect the tactrix to your computer via USB.

Run EcuFlash

In the Menu to ECU->Select Vehicle Type. Make sure its set to Colt (768k) 2006+ mitsubootloader M32176F6. There should only be one Colt (768k) entry.

Now you should be ready to read your ROM!


In the car, boot up your laptop. Connect Tactrix to laptop. Now connect to OBDII port of your car.

Now with everything connected up you should be able to go menu ECU-> Read from ECU

Software will display an information box asking you to turn on your ignition. Do so, and then click ok. You want ignition on, not just accessories.

It should now be reading your rom. If not? Remove tactrix from OBDII port and reconnect it. Try again. If still not working, unplug it from the computer and the car, then plug back into the computer, then the car, and try again. Still not working? Try wobbling it in the OBDII port to put it at a small angle (just to see if that improves the contacts). Still not working? Houston we have a problem.

Assuming no problem, and the ROM was downloaded?!

Go Menu File – Save ROM As, change the file type to .BIN, call it something, and done.

EPIC WINS.  You have now completed your Z27AG JDM Colt Version R ECU Download.

5 Comments on Z27AG JDM Colt Version R ECU Download

  1. Aleksey "Rcus" Markelov // December 24, 2015 at 7:45 pm // Reply

    Essentially ECU is the same as in AU model. Hardware difference is limited to immobiliser communication line and ignition coil feedback.

    I beleive you can use AU ROM in JDM MT model ECU if you just disable immo and rear O2 sensor (iirc pre 2010 models didn’t have it).
    JDM ROM can be used in AU ECU too but it will stall the engine several seconds after start with DTC P0300 – Multiple misfire.

  2. Thanks Aleksey, I’ve been wanting to test flashing AU across..

  3. @Aleksey, Is it possible to flash a MT Rom on a CVT ECU ?

  4. Thanks Aleksey,very interesting ..

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