Mitsubishi Colt

Locating MUT addresses in dissasembled Colt Ralliart code

February 10, 2023 // 0 Comments

This is really short post on how to translate a MUT memory address into something you can locate in the dissasembled code. In windows calculator, switch to programmer mode. Then to Hex. Enter in 808000 then minus the MUT address (eg 804e90) your interested in. Eg: 808000-804e90 = 3170 In your dissassembly program search for Immediate Value (in IDA pro for example its the binoculars icon with the blue #).  Enter in 0xvalue – in above example 0x3170. This will locate all examples of where this memory location was read or set. If you’re wanting to log a memory address you can see in the code, but not in the MUT table, its the reverse: Lets say its something like this (2 byte load memory address for CVT rcolt): Locating 2b byte [...]