Ralliart Colt Lost Immobiliser Code

Rcolt disabling immobiliser

Help! I’ve just flashed over my Ralliart Colt’s Immobiliser Code!

If you’ve accidently flashed over the top of your rcolt’s ECU, don’t panic, you can get your Ralliart Colt running again.  You’ll need to disable the immobiliser though.  Load ECUFlash and the with the ROM you want uploaded, go to ECU Options #2. The screenshot below shows a rom with immobilser enabled (top), and then disabled (bottom):

Rcolt disabling immobiliser

To change Bit.03 to zero, click into one of the values that is already a ‘0’.  Then go Edit->Copy (or ctrl-c). Then select the Bit.03 value, and go Edit->Paste (or ctrl-v).  It should now look like a ‘0’.  Compare against another rom to ensure you got it right and didn’t change any other fields.

Then upload to your car, and it’ll be unbricked, but with no immobiliser function. How much of a problem is that? Probably not much – as long as you keep it quiet! Modern cars have had immobilisers for many years now, so the chances of someone trying to hotwire your 2006+ colt is pretty damn slim.

Still concerned?

Apparently, you can find your immobiliser code by locating the immobiliser module that is in the middle of your dash, underneath the stereo.  I’ve tried, and can’t map what I think is the immobilser module, to anything relating to the ECU immobilser hex.  If you can help me work it out please get in touch!

Anyway hopefully this has helped your Ralliart Colt Lost Immobiser Code issue!

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