Ralliart Colt ECU Flash Guide for Noobs

Evoscan Ralliart Colt Knocksum Graph

Formally known as the Ralliart Colt Noob Flash Guide.  This relates to the AUDM Ralliart Colt, though if you have the XML for your turbo colt, some of this might be useful..

So, you’ve heard about the free Macca community flash available on www.rcolt.com and want a piece of the action.  First off, we need a huge disclaimer!

Warnings: Make sure you feel comfortable with the ECUFLash software, copying values etc before doing it for real. If you’re terrible on computers, you probably shouldn’t be doing this without help of someone who is. Make sure you do everything carefully be slow and methodical. Last thing you want is a bricked or broken rcolt. When you’re reading an unflashed colt for the first time, make sure all your Open ROMs are closed FIRST. If all ROMS are closed you can’t upload one and brick your car. I bricked a mate’s car, and let me tell you it’s a horrible feeling. Check, and re-check immobiliser code copying & save worked, as with WGDC maps.  If you do happen to write out the wrong immobiliser code? You’ll need to permanently disable the immobilser.  I have written up how to do this at the end of this guide. Make sure you’re laptop isn’t likely to crash mid-writing or run out of power.

Final warning is to avoid the latest version of ECUFlash, I’ve had a few people say it bricked their ECU until they downgraded ECUFlash, and reflashed it. So until this has been confirmed, use the version I link to further down this page.

If unsure of something, as the community.  Read and re-read macca’s info.txt. Read the forums. If you do all this, the whole flash process should be easy and trouble free.

Ralliart Colt ECU Flash Guide

Buying the Tactrix OpenPort2

Go to www.tactrix.com and buy yourself an ‘Openport 2.0’, with delivery, in AUD you’re looking about around $250 depending on exchange rate.  The Pin out cable is no longer required as discovered by Sliders7 on rcolt.com (awesome thanks brother).  So there’s no need to order any cable with it, just the base Openport package with its included USB cable suffices.

Setting up Software, XML & BIN files

When it arrives, install EcuFlash from this link (WARNING LATEST VERSIONS OF ECU FLASH MAY BRICK YOUR CAR – USE MY LINK BELOW)

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi folder

Make directory called ‘Ralliart Colt Turbo’.
Download these two xml files and put it in this new folder


Download the Macca Flash files :

Macca Flash notes (read them!)

Macca 3 port Rom

Plug your tactrix device into the computer via the supplied usb cable. Load ECUFlash.  It will automatically start to flash the tactrix device’s firmware. I think this is how it gets around not needing the pin-out cable.

Using ECUFlash – Immobiliser & WGDC1/2

Once the update has been done, let’s start digging around in ECUFlash.  Note this section isn’t how to flash your car, just teaching you how to use ECUFlash, preparing you for the real deal further down. Go File->Open ROM, find the Stock Rom.bin file from Maccas Zip.  Ok let’s check out where the immobiliser code sits. Tick the checkbox as in this screenshot and the immobiser code comes up:

ECUFlash Rcolt Immob code

With ECUFlash you can load multiple ROMs and compare. So let’s compare this stock one with the stage1 3port. Find that rom and open it. Once open, you’ll have two ROMS open like below. Go to ECU->Immobiliser and tick it like before.  Screen will now look like this:

Ralliart Colt Copying Immobiliser Codes

This is how you compare the immobiliser codes (or any of the settings) between ROMS. Note- the value in here is hexadecimal. Don’t think you can just type in your stereo pin code!  If we were comparing our downloaded vehicle rom, we’d click in our car’s rom immobiliser code area, and then select Edit->Copy. Then go to the code area belonging to the ‘to-be-loaded’ rom (in this picture where it says A90B) then go Edit->Paste.  So that’s how you change immobiliser code.

Next bit to learn about is the WGDC 1 and 2 maps.  For each of the roms open, tick the Turbo->WGDC #1 and #2.  You’ll get something like this – move the windows around so you can see them all clearly.

Ralliart Colt WGDC maps vs Macca Flash

The two 3-port maps are on the left, and the stock boost maps are on the right.  You can see the stock solenoid is running pretty much 100% capacity, vs the 3 port version that holds between 50 & 70%. This is because Macca’s 3port tune lowers the wastegate duty cycle as the grimmspeed 3 port supports much higher possible boost levels – so to prevent overboost and engine failure he has scaled back from stock.

So assuming you’re running only 2 port- we would need to copy the stock maps over the top of the 3-port’s ones, else we’ll have a lot less boost!

Let’s do it (unless you DO have a 3 port, in which case leave Macca’s WGDC maps as they are). You need to copy all values for each map. You do this by clicking Click into any cell of the map you want to copy, then going Edit->Select All, then Edit->Copy. Then go to the map you want to overwrite, click in the first cell (500,10), then select Edit->Paste.  Done. Repeat this process for the second map.

Once you’ve moved the stock maps onto the stage 1 3 port maps, you they should look like this:

rcolt wgdc maps

Now select your stage1 3port rom file, and save it to something like ‘Good 2 port Stage 1 flash.bin’. So now you’ve seen how to copy paste values, have a look around the settings, check rev limit and MIVEC maps. I didn’t change anything here – kept the lower rev limit of the macca flash.

It’s important you’re comfortable with ECUFlash before you get anywhere near your car.

Doing the Flash

When you’re ready to actually flash your car, connect tactrix to ODB2 port (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdY1ZJKRQE8).

With ECUFlash open, and tactrix connected to your laptop, use the Menu to close any of the currently open ROMS (ie File -> Close ROM). Do this until all open ROMS are closed. This will ensure you don’t upload before you’re ready. Now select ECU->‘Read from ECU’. This will download your car’s factory ECU


ECUFlash Download Ralliart Colt Rom


  • <- AVOID THESE BUTTONS, use the menu.
  • Go slow and methodical. Check and triple check



ECUFlash will then ask you to put your car in ignition mode (not running). For some reason, it took a few goes for me to get this one working.  I don’t know why. Eventually I got it working by trying with the car running. Freaked me out as when it started reading the ECU, the engine cut out. Heart stopping, but turned out fine.  Another car I’ve flashed, it worked first time with ignition on so I don’t know what happened with mine needing it running.  Sometimes the tactrix device just needs a bit of a wobble around before it wants to work.

Once you have downloaded your rom (it takes a few minutes), save it.  Do not lose this file. Macca recommends saving it everywhere to make sure you never lose it.

Now you need to copy across the immobiliser code (as per our playing around above, but from your just downloaded rom), to the ‘Good 2 port Stage 1 flash.bin’.   Once done, save the 2 port rom again. Now you’re ready to upload.  Double check you have the right immobiliser code saved. Check your factory rom, along side the new Good 2 port Stage 1 flash you just made.

When ready, use the menu ECU->‘Write to ECU’ and away it goes just like in the youtube video.  Once finished, turn off ignition, turn it back on, and attempt to start!

Good luck!

Andy on Rcolt.com forums

Other Bits & Bobs

ECU->Select Vehicle Type

If you need to, this is what the setting should be for ‘Select Vehicle Type’:

Flash Vehicle type

Help! Uploaded wrong Immobiliser Code!

Don’t panic, you can get the car running again.  You’ll need to disable the immobiliser though.  With the ROM you want uploaded, go to ECU Options #2. The screenshot below shows a rom with immobilser enabled (top), and then disabled (bottom):

Rcolt disabling immobiliser

To Bit.03 to zero, click into one of the values that is already a ‘0’.  Then go Edit->Copy. Then select the Bit.03 value, and go Edit->Paste.  It should now look like a ‘0’.  Compare against another rom to ensure you got it right and didn’t change any other fields.

Then upload to your car, and it’ll be unbricked.  No immobiliser though. How much of a problem is that? Probably not much – as long as you keep it quiet! Modern cars have had immobilisers for many years now, so the chances of someone trying to hotwire your 2006+ colt is pretty damn slim.

Still concerned?

Apparently, you can find your immobiliser code by locating the immobiliser module that is deep in the middle of your dash somewhere.

I haven’t verified this yet, but once I do, I’ll write up how to do it.


This guide is aimed at those flashing their 2 port rcolt with the macca tune. So we swap out the 3 port WGDC maps in the base macca tune, for the stock 2 port ones.  IF you already have a 3 port-  then there’s no need to do this. You just need to set your immobilser code, and flash it.


But no 3port? Change the stock WGDC maps to be 100% in the 3 row area between 2500-3500, and one row at 6000:

Rcolt WGDC 2Port 100% Mod

If you increase the boost in these ranges, you might need to pull timing back a little to prevent knocking. I’ll write a guide on doing this at some point.

There are some maps out there that have lower duty cycles in 25% and 30% TPS range like the stock map, I’m presuming this is to reduce chance of pinging.

Another change I’ve seen is changing the 6500-7000 range, to a slightly higher, but still under 100% setting.  Macca files rev limit is 6499 so changes above 6500 won’t work unless you also lift rev limit.

Like this entire Ralliart Colt ECU Flash Guide, do it at your own risk!

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  1. I noticed you will have issues if your battery is low or under some load.For Example my flush and reads fail more often when I have the internal center light on.

  2. Hi. I have the 2007 JDM Colt Ralliart Version R but the definition file in EcuFlash does not seem to work for the JDM model. Any chance you have the xml file for the JDM colt?

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