Ralliart Colt Bad Flash Cant Idle

Ralliart Colt Z27AG Bad Flash

Occasionally, a flash will go bad.  There are a few causes, but if the following happens, this is how to fix it:

Ralliart Colt Bad Flash Cant Idle Problem

  • Flash goes as per normal – no errors are enountered
  • When you go to start your Colt Turbo, it idles rough as, like the engines about to stall, it sounds very very sick. It just can’t idle normally.
  • You’ll also have an engine check light (CEL) showing.

The first time it happened to me I turned it off, back on, and found the idle was still terrible. I then flashed it again, and again. Still no good.

The solution is to grab another ROM in your possession that is a fair bit different – either the stock ROM, or one that is a lot different to your current tune, and flash that back on.

Confirm your car can now start and idle properly. If it can, all good.

Now you should be able to proceed back to flashing the vehicle with the ROM you were originally intending to run.  There may be other methods but this is what I’ve done when it has happened to me.

If your Ralliart Colt has experienced this Bad Flash Cant Idle problem, let me know how you recovered from it, and whether this helped..

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