Quick & Dirty Ralliart Colt Mod Guide

Quick & Dirty Ralliart Colt Mod Guide

Just got a Ralliart Colt? Or finally getting round to giving it some aftermarket love? This is a Quick & Dirty Ralliart Colt Mod Guide to help you work out plan of attack.

This is just a rough guide, don’t take my estimates that seriously just vague ball parks. All kW figures are at front wheels on roller dyno.

Stage 0


Stage 0.5

K&N Panel Filter
Boost Pill out

Stage 1

110-124kW (depending on boost/risk profile)
K&N Panel Filter
3 port boost solenoid (grimspeed evo X unit is easiest)
Evo MR Metal Bov
Fuel Pump (walbro 255 or similar)

Stage 1.5

115-128kW (depending on boost/risk profile)
As above but cat back exhaust

Stage 2

As above but turbo back exhaust
Front mount intercooler (Todd Munkman kits fit awesome)

Stage 2+ extras:

kW as above but more likely on higher end – any of:
Injectors (WRX 440s or larger)
Exhaust manifold
Upgraded Wastegate Actuator

Stage 3

140-180kW depending on type of turbo
As above but
Alternate turbo
Easiest is stock frame turbo Like Kinugawa Hybrid turbo tf035-15t, full td04 in tf035 shell, or Blitz Turbo. Best outcome is probably not with stock frame turbo unless a fancy hybrid or Blitz

Stage 4

200kW and beyond (your budget sets the limit)
Much more serious mods – forged engine, head work, bigger turbo, aftermarket ecu, e85 & more

E85 on stages <4 add +10-20kW @ wheels

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