Ralliart Colt More Boost with Stock 2 Port


Assuming you have already done the pill out mod and have in your possession a Tactrix Openport2…   Your next option for more boost with stock 2 port is to adjust the two WGDC (Wastegate Duty Cycle) maps to be 100% in the 3 row area between 2500-3500, and one row at 6000:

Rcolt WGDC 2Port 100% Mod

By doing this, your wastegate will be closed longer and your Ralliart Colt will run more boost with stock 2 port boost control solenoid.  You might need to pull timing back a little to prevent knocking though, so it’s best to do this combined with logging either on Evoscan or via the Tactrix SD Card logging facility. I’ll write a guide on logging & another on ignition changes at some point.

There are some maps out there that have lower duty cycles in 25% and 30% TPS range like the stock map, I’m presuming this is to reduce chance of pinging.  [these axis are actually incorrect, but that’s a subject of another blog post]

Another change I’ve seen is changing the 6500-7000 range, to a slightly higher, or the full 100% setting.  Macca files rev limit is 6499 so changes above 6500 won’t work unless you also lift rev limit.

If you do this, but want more boost than this change gives – order a Grimmspeed 3 Port boost solenoid (Ralliart Colt needs the same one as for an Evo X)

Like everything on this site, do it at your own risk :-)

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